Direct Thermal and Transfer Labels

Labels come in all shapes and sizes and can be found almost everywhere in business. Though labels can be made out of nearly any substance, from paper and plastic to cloth or metal, most businesses use paper or polypropylene to create things like product labels, Industrial labels, distribution labels, medical labels, shipping labels, price tags, asset tracking labels and barcode labels. These labels come in a variety of adhesives to stick to any surface.

At Discount Labels, Ribbons & Forms, we know that every business has different requirements when it comes to labeling. We offer a variety of labels for almost every use, including direct thermal, poly, fluorescent, and thermal transfer labels.

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct thermal labels are unique because they do not use inks, toners, or ribbons. Instead, they work when the print head heats up and causes a chemical reaction with the paper. Once this reaction is complete, you’re left with a printed image or text that is clean and crisp in appearance.

Direct thermal labels can be white or colored and come on large or small rolls. Business printers determine the roll size to use, industrial printers can take very large OD ( outside dimension) rolls where desktop or portable printers need smaller rolls. Both of these types of labels feature a high-quality adhesives such as all temp, cold temp and removable that can meet any of your needs to adhere your product label too.

Direct thermal labels are durable, but they may not be ideal for applications which require them to be exposed to light, heat, or chemicals for long periods of times. Instead, they are ideal for short term applications like distribution labels, shipping labels, price tags, product IDs, and pharmaceutical labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal transfer labels are similar in make up to direct thermal, but these labels do require a ribbon in order to be able to print. The printer mechanism works by heating up a wax/resin thermal printer ribbon, and heat transfer the wax/resin onto the label paper.

The application of the wax/resin used in this kind of label making dries quickly and is very durable print. Thermal Transfer labels are ideal for product labels, warehouse racking labels or barcodes that are going to need durability and long life. These labels also feature high quality adhesives such as all temp, cold temp and removable.  Our thermal transfer labels offer an extra-smooth surface that results in an easily readable label, and can be bought in large or small rolls or fan-folded packs.

Poly Labels
Poly labels may be made of either polypropylene or polyester, making them incredibly durable and, in many cases, weatherproof. If you need a label that has to stand up to heavy use indoor or outdoor and/or the elements, poly labels are the right choice. These labels also feature an all temp adhesive that works on many surfaces. Printing on these poly labels requires a Resin ribbon in order to adhere to the poly surface. These are the most durable and longest lasting labels we provide.

These poly labels come in opaque white, both semi-gloss and matte finish as well a clear poly, which are all perfect for bottles, chemical labeling, outdoor labeling, and other industrial uses.

Fluorescent Labels
Fluorescent labels are bright and vibrant. Not only does this make them easy to see, it helps workers to easily locate items on warehouse racking. Since they come in a variety of colors, fluorescent labels are the perfect solution for businesses who want to color code certain items for inventory control, product identification or warning labels.

Labels Designed for Every Kind of Use
At Discount Labels, Ribbons & Forms, we have thousands of different labels to meet every need. Our stock comes in all shapes and sizes so we can help your business, whether you need a single roll of fluorescent labels or a case of direct thermal labels.

Browse our selection to find the perfect label. Or, if you need help, we're happy to help answer your questions about which label is right for your company.