Thermal Transfer and Nylon Printer Ribbons

Printer technology today comes in a variety of options, some printer technology require printer ribbon to do their job. Almost all small to medium-sized businesses use credit card machines, receipt printers, desk top printers and industrial table top printers that require printer ribbon. Finding a competitive price for printer ribbon is often challenging. We have solved that problem with a one stop shop for all of your ribbon needs.

At Discount Labels, Ribbons & Forms, we serve clients with a variety of needs when it comes to printer ribbons and the machines they’re used in. That’s why we offer a variety of nylon printer ribbons and thermal transfer ribbons that can be bought individually or by the case, so you can tailor your purchase to meet your business’s needs.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal transfer printers require thermal transfer ribbons in order to print a label or receipt. As the name implies, these printers work by using the heat transfer of the wax/resin film onto the surface of the label. The printing process is very fast and permanent and produces a clean clear image every time.

The wax or resin ribbon used in thermal printing dries very quickly and is very durable. Though having to purchase thermal ribbons may seem like an extra or unnecessary cost, the technology used in thermal printing makes up for it with its overall efficiency and ability to produce high-quality imagery which is needed for industrial, distribution, product and bar coding applications. Our wax/resin formulation is a much higher quality product than most wax ribbons on the market for the same or lower price.

At Discount Labels, Ribbons & Forms, we sell many types of wax and resin thermal transfer ribbons. These range in size from 2” to 6” wide and 1181’ to 1476’ long and are compatible with Zebra, Datamax, and Sato desk top or tabletop printers.

These particular ribbon types don’t smudge or smear and provides clean and clear looking results. Wax/resin ribbons can be used on paper or synthetics labels that are white or multi colored. It is ideal for labels that could be exposed to moisture, temperature swings, chemicals, or heavy-handling.

Nylon Printer Ribbons
Nylon ribbons are most commonly use in dot matrix printers. These printers work when the print head moves over the ink-soaked ribbon and strikes it against the paper in order to make a mark. This technology is most commonly used in cash registers and POS terminals that have printers integrated in them.

Nylon printer ribbons use low abrasion inks to cut down on the risk of smudging. One ribbon can provide millions of characters worth of dark, consistent prints. The high-quality nylon used also protects the print head, which cuts down on the risk for repair or replacement costs. These perks make nylon printing a cheap and highly efficient solution for businesses looking to save money without sacrificing print quality.

Great Print Quality with Exceptional Service
At Discount Labels, Ribbons & Forms, each and every client is important to us. That’s why we work hard to make sure our shelves are always stocked so we can meet your business’s needs at a moment’s notice.

We are also happy to help you determine which product is right for your printer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about which nylon or thermal transfer ribbon is right for your machine.